Write for Self Bloom

Are you personal development blogger?  Do you have a desire to share your ideas?

Self Bloom is open for contribution writing!

How to apply?

  1. Have a post that is related to personal development or pseudo-psychology, not any other content.
  2. Carefully read the terms and conditions of contribution to avoid future misunderstanding.
  3. Submit the article through contribution page.
  4. Wait for maximum 72 hours and in case your submission does not get posted it means it was rejected. You will not get a reply back if it gets rejected, however, you can try as many posts as you like.

Terms and conditions for contribution to Self Bloom


This part sets out the policy of Self Bloom with regard to submissions of posts for publication on the blog and comments on published posts. Anyone interested in submitting posts must read this guidance carefully. Self Bloom does not take any responsibility if you disagree with terms and conditions below after your post has been published.

  1. Post language should be English only.
  2. The content should be well structured and understood clearly.
  3. Self Bloom accepts posts that have been published elsewhere as long as you are the original author, and the original source is indicated.
  4. Title and pictures for the post will be assigned by Self Bloom only, however, you are still able to submit it.
  5. Fonts, spacing, and paragraph format will be corrected by Self Bloom.
  6. You may not include any links in your post.
  7. Please note that your content will be checked from difference sources to identify copyright and in case being so you need to prove that you are the original writer.
  8. Self Bloom takes no responsibility if your content gets copied as it is something that cannot be controlled.
  9. After submission you may not cancel the publication.
  10. Your post will be open for comments and sharing on the social media. However, in case it includes profanity or personal insults it will be deleted.


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Good Luck!


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