Ways To Clean Your Aura

Ways To Clean Your Aura

Aura is an energy field of a living being which is a concept of New Age belief. I believe you have heard that aura has different colours and each of them represents specific energy, whether it is a negative or positive one. It is said that there are people who have the ability to see auras. It has never been proven scientifically that one can see auras and it remains under the pseudoscience category.

Whether you believe it or not, aura is meant to affect our mental state.  The magnetic field of other people can also affect our own and our personal aura might undergo changes in a positive or negative direction. Those who affect us in a negative way are also knows as energy vampires.

Call it aura or whatever you wish, however, I strongly believe that others have a huge impact on our well-being. If you do not have a strong shield around yourself, you could be vulnerable.

When I started my personal development journey, I had to cut out all negative people out of my life. I wasn’t working at that time, so I didn’t have to “test” my energy in working environment. Now working for a month as a hostess in a bar, I spend over 8 hours with a security guard at the door of the bar. There are different people I have to work with, however, I noticed that one of them affected me in a great way.

Trying to analyze everything thoroughly, I realized what a negative impact this person has on my positive energy. He is a type of person who complains no matter what, who always has something bad to say. At first, it felt like he just has no one to talk with and I was there to listen. As time went on, I felt that I started acting the same way! Practicing self-awareness I realized how his personal energy started affecting mine. I tried to turn it around in my own way however I felt a strong resistance from his side.

It’s hard to avoid negativity as you can’t always run away from negative people, especially when it’s a colleague. That’s why, let’s find out the ways to clean your aura and maintain your energy the way you wish.

1. Water

Cleansing your magnetic field can be done not only with a power of thought but also with a literal physical activity. I bet you have felt that release once you had a shower after a long stressful day. Water can be a great way to clean negativity. A good bath cleanses not only your body but also your mind.

When taking a shower or taking a bath, visualize that you are removing not only physical dirt but also that negative energy your aura has. Watch how it goes down that drain and let it go. Imagine that your are cleansing all that stress and negativity. If it’s hard for you to visualize it and concentrate, try to create special environment. Light up the candles, turn on calming music and let your mind concentrate on cleaning. You can practice it even during a regular shower and it doesn’t really take a lot of time. Once done with a shower/bath, imagine that your cleaned your aura and you are bright and shining.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to heal your energy. You can try a guided meditation or practice visualization. You can also try a simple visualization meditation.

Sit down in a quite room and close your eyes. Make a deep breath in, hold it and breath out. Direct your thoughts towards the breathing and try to stop thinking about anything else. If the thoughts come, just be aware of them, don’t let them drag you in. Observe your thoughts, concentrate on breathing and let the thoughts go. Don’t be stressed if you start thinking. Let the thoughts come and go.

Take as long as you wish until you are fully concentrated on breathing. Once your mind is calm, imagine a white energy surrounding your body. If you are familiar with the colours of the aura or chakra locations, be specific. If not that’s totally fine.

Imagine this energy surrounding you and radiating stronger and stronger. Slow down on the breath and get back to a regular pace of breathing. Visualize this energy as a cleaning radiation. Visualize this energy reflecting the negativity and stress.  Feel crystal clean and full with positive energy. Take a deep breath again and breath out all the negativity.

Try to practice this everyday as long as you feel comfortable.

3. Practise forgiveness

Aura can be affected not only externally but also internally. Internal forces can have a huge impact on your positive energy. There are many negative energies that can be internal factors of poor aura, and forgiveness isn’t an exception. Whoever affects your aura and whoever has the negative impact on your well-being, being able to forgive them is vital. It will help you to remain positive long-term.

In my case, I can’t hold the grudges at this moment, that my colleague is so negative and doesn’t make me feel good. I know this person good enough to understand the reasons he feels that way. Even though I tried to direct him in a different way, he was too stubborn to listen. There are things in life, you can’t teach someone, because they have to understand it themselves.

I do avoid too much interaction with this person, however, it doesn’t mean I don’t forgive him being so negative with me. A couple of times he even apologized, asking me not to be mad, and surprisingly I realized I wasn’t upset at him at all. Being open and having the ability to forgive, is a great way to maintain your personal well-being.

4. Avoid negative interactions

I started with an example from my personal life because it has been the first most noticeable external event that I became aware of. It can be hard to notice who has negative impact on your aura. At first, I didn’t notice myself, as my energy was strong enough to resist. However, as the time went, I started feeling different and I didn’t understand why. I didn’t have any life events that could make me feel this way. Comparing all the people I have been interacting with recently, I realized how sneaky negative energy can be.

One may think, negative person mean someone rude and unpleasant. But it’s only about that. It can be a very nice person. They may not have a bad attitude towards you and you may even count them as a good friend. However, this type of people can be complain a lot of seeing something negative in every single detail.

Another interesting fact is the way you start thinking with this people. You start having similar attitude and out of the blue, you  start damaging your energy yourself.

That’s why be aware how you feel with the people you interact with. They may not be directly negative towards you, however, they may be stressful in general.

To be able to clean your aura long-term, it’s vital to avoid interactions with these people. Doesn’t mean they affect you just because you say hello to them. You can have general conversation with these people, however, try not to be too close with them and way too open. Remain the distance.

There are many different ways you can clean your aura, whether it’s short-term or for a longer period of time. I believe the ways listed above are the most practical and easy to use for daily life.

What are your ways of cleansing aura? Share down below




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