How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  1. Find the triggers
    Before you try to get rid of comparing yourself to others, let’s identify what exactly is the comparison. Is it looks? Experience? Money? Family? Start journaling and write down all the possible triggers.
  2. Compare to yourself
    Someone has more money, someone is more fit, someone has this or that. What do you have? What can you have? Instead of looking at others think about yourself, what is it that you want to have, what is it that doesn’t satisfy you, something that other have but you don’t?
  3. Work on yourself
    You can sit for hours and compare yourself to successful people or good looking people. But do you realize that you can have that too? Looking at others isn’t going to bring you what you want. Instead, start working on yourself.
  4. Self-esteem
    Instead of looking at others start learning to love yourself because if all you do is looking at other’s life, chances are you are lacking self-esteem. Once you start loving yourself, you will automatically stop worrying about others’ accomplishments.
  5. Stop offending others
    Sometimes we end up being negative to people we compare yourself to. We feel jealousy or anger because they have what we want. But you need to understand that they did nothing wrong to you and being negative towards them will not do any good for you. And besides, it’s just not nice.
  6. This is a journey
    I know you may want to be there where all this successful people are, or you want to already have all the things they have. But understand that at some point they were at your stage too and at some point you will reach their stage as well. It’s a journey and enjoy it. Explore yourself, life and think of what you can do now to get the things you want.
  7. Change the focus
    When we focus so much on other people we actually lose ourselves, don’t you think? You compare your life to other people’s life and meanwhile you lose the focus of your own life. Get back on the track and focus on your life.
  8. Waste of time
    Just simple as that-you are wasting your time. Instead of reading a nice book, or instead of working out, you sit there and think and compare yourself to others. You are higher than that!
  9. Gratitude
    Be grateful. Be grateful for the food you have, for the shelter you have, for the friends you have, for the family you have, be grateful for who you are.
  10. Change Comparison into inspiration
    Doesn’t matter who is the person you compare yourself to, doesn’t matter what is it that they have and you don’t, instead of comparing, make them your inspiration. Make them that person you would want to be someday and be inspired because if they have it, you can do that too.
  11. Don’t idealize
    As mentioned previously, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by people. On the other hand, don’t take it too far and don’t idealize them. You need to understand that they are people just like you. You can be not only like them, you can be even better than them. So just don’t take it too far.
  12. Less social media
    Social media is a big thing nowadays and we see so many successful and inspiring people out there. They all seems so happy and successful but most of the time we understand and perceive it wrong. We see only the good side and we forget that they have life problems just as much as we do.
  13. Seeing a big picture
    As in social media, in life as well, some people may seem super happy and successful, however they may have many struggles as well. Have you ever had that always positive and friendly colleague? I actually did a small test talking to such people and I realized that those most happy colleagues had the most complicated lives in the office. Could be a coincidence, but the main point is, you don’t know what is happening behind the stage.
  14. Let go of fears
    When you are on your way to get there where you see others or have what others have, you may feel a bit scared and have these what ifs. It’s a natural thing and don’t stop because of your fears. It will go away.
  15. Avoid perfectionism
    You are not perfect. No one is. It’s just an illusion. It’s okay not having what others have. I bet you have something that they don’t have.  There will always be someone more successful than you and there will always be someone less successful than you. That’s how the world works.



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