How To Identify A Toxic Person

How To Identify A Toxic Person

We all have had a toxic relationship or interaction. Sometimes it can be hard to identify who the toxic person is. Only after a while we realize what a bad impact they had on our mental state. However, there are sign that can help you to spot a toxic person and be aware before it’s too late.


1. They think they are always right

We are all human and it’s normal to have different views and ideas. Toxic people will never admit that their point of view could be wrong. They always assume that their opinion is the only right choice and you may find them arguing with others and never admit the possibility of being wrong.

2. They don’t care what is important to you

Narcissists is one of the toxic category you should always avoid. These type of people will never care what your concerns are. When you try to share your ideas with them it’s easy to spot how hard it is for them to listen. You will end up always being interrupted and not heard. No one needs a person who cares only about himself.

3. They make you blame yourself

I have had many situations in relationships that led me to thinking, it was all my fault. After some time, I realized how manipulated I was. It is something very hard to control and without you knowing, toxic person may lead you to self-criticism. Doesn’t mean you should always think that you are the only right person, however, toxic people have the ability to turn the situation such way, that you will end up blaming yourself. When someone is not toxic they will be open to let you know that even if something bad happened, it’s not only your fault and maybe even admit they were wrong themselves.

4. They victimize themselves

Pretending to be a victim is another strategy of toxic people. They will never dare to apologize and try to fix the situation. Instead, they receive attention and sympathy by victimizing themselves. They always blame someone or something.

5. They always judge

Let’s be honest here, we all have judged someone at some level. However, toxic people like to do that 24/7. I used to have a colleague who I was getting along with very well. I didn’t realize that time however, he was very toxic person, just in a solid way. He constantly was judging someone with me. He wouldn’t miss any single detail. He was more a narcissistic category, who assumed he was the only perfect person. I can’t even imagine how one can have so much time to think about others’ traits and judge them for who they are.

6. They always complain

This is another category of toxic people- cry-baby. Everything sucks, the whole world is against them. There is always something that goes wrong. These people don’t always do it on purpose as it’s hard for them to stay on the positive side. However, it’s still very stressful to hang around with such people. I have been at that category as well and I have been in contact with such people. It is also kind of a habit, as not many people notice how much they complain.

7. They love to exaggerate

Have you ever had to argue with someone who says that you always do this or you never do that? It is obviously a hard argument to win even if you are right. This is a type of manipulation toxic people tend to use. They exaggerate everything and it’s always or never. They is no point to stick with such people and no point to argue.

8. They are needy

Being needy is separate subject to discuss, however, they do go for a toxic category. It’s hard to build up interpersonal relationships with needy people and I believe, such people should be avoided. Needy people are able to manipulate you any way they wish, just to get your attention. They always want your attention whether you are with them or not and they love to act like a victim, which makes you feel bad about yourself. It can be pretty exhausting relationship and obviously not worth the time.

9. They like to gossip

If you ever have a friend who shares your secret or something you asked not to be shared, you are dealing with a toxic person. Such people do not deserve any trust or time. Avoid this type of person at any cost, as without trust they is no point to build up relationship.

10. They never compliment

I always appreciate someone who can honestly tell me that I just look terrible today. It’s alright if someone is just honest with you and doesn’t compliment you in a fake way. However, there are type of people who will always tell you something negative. It’s okay to use white lies and we all do that, to make someone feel better, right? Toxic people will never bother to make you feel good. There is always something you could do a little better.

11. They boast a lot

I bet you have met this type of person at least once. Toxic people are also the ones who like to talk about themselves and talk about their achievement a lot. We all do boast sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that, however, these type of people do it too consistently. They like to talk about their money or how that got that job position. The way they do it is as if they expect to be praised for it.


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