Whether you are looking for additional information for your personal development or just lurking around, this is a place where you can find materials used in my personal life, which helped me in a great way.

What are the things you can learn from Self Bloom?

  • Self-awareness
  • Ways to control your own life
  • Strategies to achieve your goals
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Learn to love and respect yourself
  • Materials for motivation and inspiration
  • Come across people just like you who are willing to get better

Behind the scene

My name is Ekaterine and I am the founder of Self Bloom. I am 24 years old living in a beautiful country of Georgia. I am not a psychologist or therapist and my work experience is sales and financial market. However psychology and philosophy was always something that caught my interest. Before starting my journey I was suffering depression and anxiety on constant basis. I did not have complex medical condition and I could live my life the way, that never would ever notice how I actually felt on the inside. It had a huge impact on my daily life. Once I reached the peak point, I realized I needed to do something and I accidentally came across the law of attraction. It is a concept that I am still researching, however, from there I explored the ways which would allow me to take full control of myself. I realized that I was whoever I would decide to be, and becoming self-aware my life completely changed.

What did my personal knowledge help me to achieve?

  • I became more self-aware and got to know myself much better
  • I started managing my anxieties and fears
  • I became more confident
  • I stopped having suicidal thoughts
  • I started controlling my depression when I felt it coming
  • I became more open to other people which helps me to have better interpersonal relationships
  • I found my passion
  • I understood what I want in my life
  • I started taking care of my future instead of being stuck in the past
  • I learned avoiding toxic relationships
  • Thinking I would never be able to write or be inspired to create something I started having endless brainstorms
  • I started taking care of my health
  • I started feeling the nature
  • I started having life goals

And much moreā€¦


For some people such things are regular life events however the point where I was, I had no purpose or desire to live whatsoever.

Why Self Bloom?

When I started seeing life from a different perspective, I realized I wanted to share it with everyone in the world and help out those who are in a condition I had to experience before.

I just want to make this world a better place because so many out there are losing their real potential. I know how hard it is to prove someone in depression that life is beautiful. My purpose is to take small part in helping people and make their lives a little better.



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