3 Handy Tips To Let Go Of Negativity

3 Handy Tips To Let Go Of Negativity

In 21st century the pace of life can be so intense that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. We take care of our physical body and do not pay enough attention to the state of mind. Throughout the day we absorb a lot of negativity which we do not really pay attention to. Some people manage to have strong barrier and avoid consuming so much negative energy. But most of the time it is not that easy to ignore negativity and at the end of the day it affects us in a huge way.

During the working days, sometimes I do not really manage to concentrate on getting rid of stress because there not so much time. Work, family, friends, relationships and other private matters do not always allow you to have enough time to concentrate on self-awareness.

Sometimes, at the end of the week when we finally have enough time for ourselves, we can feel that slight burden on our mind. It feels as if something is bothering you but you are not sure what. Not being sure why you feel a bit messy in your head is a sign of negative energy.

The longer you keep the stress inside you, the worse it may get. That is why you need to take care of it as soon as possible. If you ignore the negative energy, it may affect your motivation or concentration. As a result, make you less productive. So what should you do to release negative energy?

  • Arrange your thoughts

Sometimes you have so many things to think about you just feel lost. Feeling the flood of thoughts can be pretty exhausting and make you feel down. Thinking about problems, what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow, what you need to do, or why did that person told you this or that, or why you have this or that issue- there are many negative things you may think about.

Before considering external triggers of negativity the process starts from the inside because your own thoughts are the ones that influence your energy the most. If it is hard to concentrate on one thought at a time, I believe it is better to write it out. Take pen and a paper and write down everything that bothers you. This will help you to control the flow of your thoughts.

If you have some issues you want to deal with, write down what you can do about it. If something external is bothering, write it down as well and express on the paper why and how you fell about it. It does not matter whether you are good at writing or not.

Main idea is to let the negative thoughts leave your mind and journaling is one of the best techniques. Sometimes it may feel boring, especially if you are not really keen on writing, however as a result it will be more effective rather than thinking about everything at once. You do not really have to do it every day however at least once a week is more than enough.

  • Get rid of negative people

Most of the time we feel the way we let ourselves to feel. However, sometimes, there are external factors that force us into negativity. Though we try to stay on the positive side. One of the biggest external factors that lead to negativity is toxic interpersonal relationship.

Go through all the people you know. If you think there is someone who always annoys you and fills you up with their negativity, there is no point to stick around with such people. In case it is hard to avoid negative person, like colleague, try to limit the time spent with them. Of course it does not mean to be way too critical and judge everyone. It is rather about the amount of negativity someone intoxicates you with.

It is natural if someone is negative time to time. In case it happens on constant basis it is no good.

  • ¬†Eliminate toleration

Toleration is something when you put up with something. You try to tolerate things that is not okay for you. You think you can accept it at this point. At some point tolerance is a needed trait. Though, if you get used to tolerance you subconsciously accept every single thing and without noticing, you automatically are being affected by negativity. As a result, it will pile up and burst like a bubble.

Before you try to eliminate toleration you need to identify them. Being aware of it will help you to get rid of the negative side of tolerance. You may find many events or situations that you can actually change instead of bearing them on daily basis.



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